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I will roar, until heard, and I always pay it forward. And nobody ever promised me life was kind.  Giavanni, was once told by his adopted father's dad; we called Pop!  In around 1967, when he was a little boy.   Pop said: “Do as many things in life, as you can. Do not be afraid to fail, for true failure, is not trying at all, and regretting when you're my age. Looking back on my accomplishments, I only did one thing for 30 years. And when I sit alone I always think, what I could have done, or what could have been. But, I can tell you, all about beer, wine and whiskey barrels.” 

That old man, was Giavanni's grandfather, who they called “Pop" who worked for 30 years in Buffalo, New York. In the early 1920's at a young age, after arriving from boat from Ireland. 

Well Pop, Marcus is now 54, and he took your advice, and it's amazing how many people, were surprised, amazed, jealous and even denial, that Giavanni could have done so much, for having so little, education. 

Like Pop's son “Patrick” Nelson always said, “Mark, though you are not of my blood, you are my son, and for that you are a Irishman by proxy, and therefore you will always have the luck of the Irish. And if you do things only for money, you will be a sand, when your older.” 

Marcus Giavanni ran for Mayor of Denver, and on May 5, 2015. Marcus Giavanni came in second with 8,000 votes, and almost 9% of the vote. What a Show! 

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